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We have a few updates that are really awesome to announce!! L&I is nearing the end of their review of our plan, which means soon we may have the green light to schedule the inspections from the L&I and Department of Health. So all of this being said Maureen and I are getting super excited as we shift from planning to activation... which means we want to hear your thoughts about our upcoming food-truck-style start to our pizza business.

Another week has passed us by and a nice break from the pizza was established over our thanksgiving holiday. It was definitely a week to count our blessings and be reminded that we are so privileged. But with privilege comes responsibility. It's strange to have a national holiday still based on a winner's recount of history without a thought to those harmed in the process. Social awareness is changing fast, and since we KNOW that genetics carry forward the sadness of American history, we know that we all have a responsibility to move forward in kindness and intentional action. We must do our part to balance, and put some power and joy where it was taken before. It isn't enough for me to have generous opinions, I have to put my thoughts into action. How are we going to help? How can we leave things better than we found them?

Real and sustainable action means putting on your own oxygen mask first. (I LOVE this metaphor for taking care of yourself so you can remain in a condition to take care of the people around you) You may have heard that starting a new business is challenging and stressful, and it's very true. It's felt like a salmon spawn style journey adjusting our family and plans to what will be the new reality. A daily stretching and molding and setting things up for success. We need to be ready. Once the business is in motion, things will quickly become routine and harder to adjust, baked into place. Right now we exist in the in-between, with the space for planning but the lack of reassurance that structure provides. Collaboratively creating new schedules, rituals and ways of connecting with each other are the focus right now.

> (comment below) What advice do you have for a family in transition?

> What are your tips and tricks for family connection beyond the dinner table?

then, once our oxygen mask is on-

How are we going to help? I know that there are needs we don't see because of our privilege. What active steps can I take to seek out where else help is needed? So many times those who really need help aren't able to ask for it. How can we use our resources and skills to better our community:

-We will pay Duwamish Rent

-We will donate food to Mary's Place

-We will provide free food to homeless folks who ask us for it

-We will provide cost-free space for women to meet for community and bonding

> (comment below) How do you use your privilege to help, or how has someone helped you?

To cap off a family day of gratefulness, we headed to Des Moines to visit the Waterland Arcade on Thursday night to potluck and support Jyoti and Tuzaar as they were laying down those deep breakbeats!!! The Waterland Arcade is a pretty awesome place with plenty to keep you occupied: VR system, Air hockey, Foosball tables, older Atari games and an entire wall of pinball machines. What a great location to get out with the kids and have some fun. The owner throws family nights like this every Thursday from 8pm-11pm! If you want to dance with just grownups and check out some killer breakbeats, Jyoti & Tuzaar'll be playing out again at Kremwerk on 12/22. We'll be there... I dare you to go and try to NOT dance!

Earlier on in the week before thanksgiving prep, we shifted gears from preparing some of our service items for test to recording and sending more information off to the L&I group. As we keep our fingers crossed we will again pick up this week practicing with mushrooms, meatballs and the gluten free dough. As we got awesome results from our last GF testing we want to speed the opening and stretching process up a bit, thus I have looked up some different techniques to try so we will be giving those a go this week as well.

My guess, what is on everyone's mind is, WHEN, when will you open. As we play the last plan review and inspections processes by ear, it appears that our new possible soft opening may be as early as the middle to end of December.

You can look forward to

- Loyalty cards to hand out, buy 10 pizza get the 11th free!!

- Stickers to pass out

- Hot pizza, stuffed mushrooms, cookies, muffins & apple crumble

- raffle & games to be played.

With that said we leave you with a list to discuss for our soft opening.....

please comment below!

  • times of operation - at the moment we are looking at opening between the hours of 4pm to 9pm Tuesday through Sunday with a break on monday to catch up on paper work and food orders.

  • event scheduling - catering pizza parties at your location, hosting parties onsite and any other function that can be dreamt up.

  • weekly events such as : Friday pizza & movie night, talk of scheduling local talent to play at the Cafe on Saturdays and more.....

  • Do you have historical information to share - a news article, old pictures taken in the neighborhood or at the park- all of these things we are also looking to get our hands on to display. Let's celebrate Highland Park with a community display in the building!

We are really looking forward to seeing you on the other side of that window and are even more excited to get that first pizza out the window for you to enjoy!

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- Steven & Maureen


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