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Last week was Eventful.....

Good Morning from the Crowfoot Cafe!!! Another great event under the belt of the Crowfoot. Last week Maureen spent all week painting inside in preparation for the first time Crowfoot had open its doors to a private "end of season soccer" party.

The building shows its age but Maureen and I were somehow magically able to spruce it up to the point where we could comfortably host a group of about 40 to enjoy some of our great pizza. Awards were given, pizza was enjoyed and laughs were had!!

Judging by our chalkboard we have some pizza fans already.

We absolutely enjoyed it down to the last minute. I think after years of this building being used as a cash cow, and then the doors being closed for so long, it felt as though the walls were soaking in the love that was being ignited into the space!!

While Maureen was busy all week in the restaurant sprucing I was in the trailer making the last repairs and scrubbing and cleaning the kitchen (trailer), down.

With this last event behind us we discovered the need to practice more our gluten free recipe. Being the maybe 5th time we have made gluten free dough, Saturday of course was our first complete failure. In times before I found the dough either too dry or too hard to work, this last go I found the dough too wet, as I tried to increase the hydration to the point that it would be easier to work with. This raises a flag for us and we will be practicing a few different recipes this week until we get it right!!

Our regular pizza turned out phenomenal. I have practiced several different recipes and different timings to make sure I can produce a great product every time. Our pizza is hand mixed so getting a plan worked out way ahead of time is Key.

We are hoping that this week we will get the Green Light from the Labor & Industries and we can continue the process by scheduling our first inspection. Getting to this point really does feel good. For me it feels like we have come from the dream phase to the reality phase. Once Crowfoot has leaped over the hurdle of L&I we will continue with an inspection from the Department of Health (we already have their approval for our plan) and pending the Green light from both it will be, "Birds affirm !!",

Navy NSSM term for ready to launch missiles or in our case ready to serve!!

As we pick up where we left off last week we will be continuing the sprucing of the dining area and hopefully beginning on looking at our outdoor dining area as this will be our work between until we have secured the proper permitting from the city to allow us to sell our pizza and use the indoor seating area.

I leave you with comfortable dreams of a gathering spot for the neighborhood to enjoy great pizza and great company!! Here's to getting to know every one of you! We want to be that spot where we you know you by Name. That place where you enjoy birthdays and wedding anniversaries, that place where you have that first kiss, that place you find out you're going to be a dad or mom for the first time!!! We are really looking forward to opening our doors for you!!!!

- Steven

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