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Dreamy Delicate Dough....

I sit here slurping my coffee as i conjure delicate dreams of the dough that we were able to produce last week. Last week was not as exciting as the previous weeks but, we do have some positive notes to gloss over.

We spent the beginning of the week taking pictures of the ever growing receipt sky rise. Sears Tower no, but Empire State we might be getting close!!!

We also had time to visit the school for the "Elder Luncheon" day. Little things like this luncheon makes this school really great as this event shows how much the staff and volunteers care about educating our children. Volunteers this year really outdid themselves with fresh vegetation for decorations and great amount of outstanding food to share!!

Continuing through the week we were really hoping we would hear from the Labor & Industries but, alas another week has passed and the review process continues.

The review process however has not stopped us at all from testing our oven and pizza. Last week we were able to produce some dough on Wednesday and stretch the life of the dough for 4 days.

This is quite and achievement, normally the dough is prepared and baked with about 2 days from mixing but we like to be able to know we have options as the commissary kitchen can be a very busy place on the weekend.

That being said we also tested a 65% hydration Gluten Free dough which turned out fantastic and was a much needed confidence booster after the flop we had 2 weeks ago during the soccer party!! If we conducted a blindfolded test I don't think you could really tell the difference between our regular and gluten free dough. That being said I am sure that this gluten free dough will be able to over achieve some of the expectations out there and we are really happy and looking forward to getting the chance to serve this to you.

Last week we also took care to start to measure out between the trailer and the building and started to prepare some ideas on paper about what our outdoor (food truck style) dining will be like. We see this final piece as the end of step 1 in our (4) step process to our end goal, which of course is a standard cafe/pizzeria.

4 step Pizzeria plan.

  • Step 1 mobile kitchen, outdoor dining (at this point looks like next month)

  • Step 2 indoor dining (sometime after the new year)

  • Step 3 renovate the dining area and develop "kitchen A", basically the elements we have in the mobile kitchen but inside the building

  • Step 4 renovate the remainder of the building and develop "kitchen B", full blown kitchen where we can prepare all of our food on location

As we wade through this week we hope to get some pictures together to share the process on this.

We are also looking forward to preparing some of our hand made meatballs and our stuffed mushrooms as we need to practice these elements at the commissary and on board the mobile kitchen. As we slowly and methodically check each mental box we are closer to drafting a concrete schedule.

Though this week ramps up the holiday season and we wish we were already open for business, we will take time with our family to really enjoy and be thankful for the time we have before we are busy working hard every day to put out an excellent pizza.

I leave you with dreams of piping hot pizza, so delicate, so light and crispy that it leaves you desiring more!!!

- Steven

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