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A Tall Salute from the Crowfoot Cafe.....

Good morning and here's to you, our veterans. Thanks is a feeble word to say when you promised your service at an impressionable age and delivered it in such an all-encompassing way. Many of you finished growing up in the service. You carry with you the experiences you had and you came home and bravely continue every day. My hat is off to you with great respect for your journey.

What's better than coffee on a cold fall morning? Ahhhh the energizing feeling mixed with the robust taste of a dark roast makes me feel whole in the morning. These cold foggy mornings always remind me of sailing; time at sea can be boring to the point of liberation. What I mean is that at some point your boredom turns to reflection and reflection turns to solutions.

Solution-finding was the theme of the week as you may have seen the trailer at the 9th & Kenyon location and maybe even me working on the trailer. We are conducting some simple maintenance to the trailer in order to pass L&I inspection as we are still on hot standby awaiting the conclusion of the L&I review of our plan.

I hope to have this maintenance complete this week and have the oven fired back up very soon.

We have been spending most of the week in the kitchen preparing dough, making sauce and figuring out if we had everything that we would need to get our pizza and desserts made and on time. As we spend this week in the kitchen we will be continuing our practice and looking at timing and making discussions on what day we should be preparing certain aspects of our food service.

Soccer... sadly the season for West Seattle Soccer Club fall season has come to an end. As I watched upon from the sideline I was once again reminded why I coach my son's team as the other coach convinced the ref to allow all the boys to take the field for the last 5 minutes of the game. Just a mass of bodies moving to and fro, smiles wide and laughter!!! The little things excite me, as once again by the end of the season all of our hard work during practice comes together and I see the glow in the boys' eyes when they feel good about what they have done!!

It maybe sad news for our soccer season ending but, Seattle comes out on top with a big win on Sunday over Toronto and bringing home the MLS Cup where it belongs!!!

With-out more to say I leave you with a snap-to and tall salute as I pay tribute to my brothers in arms; it's been 21 years since I took my oath, standing there with others in Jacksonville, FL not knowing what is waiting for me in Great lakes, IL and not sure where my life was heading. I wouldn't trade the hard days that came before me for anything, all of that gave me character and the will to continue even when life seems bleak.

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- Steven & Maureen


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