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Crowfoot Cafe

     We work hard everyday to make sure our Neighborhood and City comes first by directing our efforts to supporting our small local community here in West Seattle. 


     Highland Park is a small mostly residential community in the Southwest corner of West Seattle.  We proudly serve woodfired oven pizza in a family oriented experience.  We are located at 7789 Highland Park Way SW, Seattle WA 98106 the building is an old convince store that we have retrofitted into a dinning area for you to enjoy a comfortable location to eat from.  This building has been around since 1922 and was originally named Mick's Mart.  This pre-world war II era building has tons of character that we have tried to uphold.  It was reinvented in 1985 and the second half of the building was added. All the way up to and prior to last year it had remained a food store. Where locals such as ourselves shopped at constantly, the family that ran it was kind and ran the store with great pride.  Sometime last year the building owner decided to sell and when the opportunity arose Crowfoot stepped in to recover this gem for our community, as home owners in highland park we feel proud to have saved this space from developers and proud that we have reinvented the location to keep this building as a small corner stone in our community.  

The following are some of the organizations that Crowfoot supports whole heartily: 

  • "Big John's PFI" this grocery store has been around since 1971 and provides the city of Seattle with Olive oil, flour and great imported cheese.

  • Meat "The Live Butcher" in white center, this shop has been serving West Seattle since 1937 

  • "North West Commissary Kitchen"  This kitchen has been around since 2015 and is up and coming with reinventions in the future and more space just recently installed for food trucks.

  • Washington State Food Truck Associations also established as a non-profit in 2015.  This organization has been key to our successes so far.

  • Rain City West established in 2011, has been our constant source for printed memorabilia.  You kind find our "Swag" hand tailored by this West Seattle Family owned company. 

  • We are proud members of the HPIC (Highland Park Improvement Club).  This is a non-profit community center here in Highland Park that has been around since 1919. 

  • Pathfinder K-8 Elementary School - We proud supports of all Seattle School district.   

  • Seattle Police Department & Seattle Fire Department - We proud supports to all first responders they are the true heroes in our community!